Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Memory keeping: pregnancy book

Today I am sharing the book that I made 6 weeks after my oldest was born. Well, actually, I wrote and designed most of this book during the sleepness nights before he was born, and I added the delivery story later as well as some information about our first weeks as a family of 3. I love this book. It brings back so many memories! 

On the cover is a painting I made of 3 penguins to go on the birth announcement card. I am still quite proud how it turned out. The title of the book is 'the story of the grain of rice' because when I was pregnant, we always called our baby our little grain of rice, because that's how big he was when we found out we were expecting. 

I started off this book by writing a little bit about Mark and me: when and how we met, for example, including a picture of us that I love and that we have framed in our bedroom. I then wrote about my pregnancy: how I found out, how I told Mark, when and how we told our parents, how I felt, when I first felt the baby kicking, etc. I took a picture of my belly every week and included those, too. I included ultrasound pictures, pictures that a sweet friend took of us and some selfportraits. 

After Julius was born I wrote down the birthstory and told a bit about our first weeks together. Pregnancy, labor and delivery and the newborn stage, it all passes by so quickly when looking back. I am so happy to have this beautiful book to read about that time. It already seems long ago, even though Julius is just 3 years old! 

This book was printed by Blurb on their proline uncoated paper. This was the first time I had a book printed on this special paper and I totally love it. 

I have a book ready to print about my pregnancy with Oscar as well. I haven't ordered it yet though, since I am a bit on a budget right now! I would recommend making a book like this about a pregnancy or other big event in your life to anyone!