Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Memory keeping: making books

Years before I had ever heard of the term 'memory keeping' I was already doing just that. When I was 18 years old I went to the USA for 2 months to stay with people that I met through the internet. It was such an adventure! I kept a diary and took pictures, and the next times I visited the USA, I continued this. 

8 years ago, I found out about Blurb.com and the books you can make and have printed there. I thought that was amazing! When I came back from my second trip to the States I combined my words and my photographs in a book and had it printed. I even sold a few copies to family! 

I kept a diary every time I went on a vacation but still don't have all of them in book version! The last book I made was actually about the very first trip, I completed that book just last year! Better late than never, right? I also had a book made of Julius' first year and of my pregnancy with him. I am on a budget right now so Oscar's books will have to wait, but I do print lots of photos for my Project Life albums.

The album I am showing on the blog today is the album I made after our trip to California in the Fall of 2011. I was halfway through my pregnancy with Julius. It was a wonderful vacation and I do feel homesick thinking about all those wonderful places we went! I haven't been on a vacation since, so I do love to browse the book. What makes this book one of my favorites, is that I scanned a lot of receipts, handwritten notes by locals, etc. and put those in the book. I also didn't just use my 'best' pictures but included lots of snapshots, of us having dinner for example, and of the food we were eating.

This book contains about 80 pages and to us it's a treasure! Our last vacation together without kids! It does take a while to put a book like this together, but it is so worth the time. I can totally recommend it! 

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