Monday, January 26, 2015

Project Life: the first spread of 2015

Last year, I kept a weekly Project Life album. I loved working on it. However, after about 5 months it started to frustrate me that one week, I had almost no pictures, and the week after, I had way too many to fit on a spread, sometimes all taken the same day! I also found it hard to make a good looking spread when including pictures that didn't really work together well. I often changed pictures to black and white if the colors didn't match, but still this was an issue for me. So I decided that I would keep it up for that year and  then change to monthly in 2015. 

Well, 2015 has arrived and I am making a new album. And I stuck to my decision to do it monthly. I must admit I just couldn't wait until the end of the month to start working on my album. I missed it too much. So I already had a bunch of photos printed and just use the ones that work together on a spread. It's a very different process, but I enjoy it a lot. I'm still not sure how this will turn out, but as long as I'm having fun, it's good with me! 

For the spread I am sharing today, I journalled on white cardstock and used cards by Laurel Lane Designs. I'm excited to be on the Laurel Lane Design Team and had so much fun using her cards to put together this spread. The card with the smileys is one I quickly made myself using a little stamp. I cut the heart out of some cork. You can find the (and many more) journaling cards here: 

I am very happy with the way this page turned out. I love all the white and that it looks simple and clean. The page on the left features some favorite moments: my 2 boys looking at a movie together, Julius posing for me after having his hair cut, Julius in bed next to me looking at the iPad one early morning, giving me a chance to sleep a bit more, and the boys and Mark looking at a cartoon together. The right page is all about bath time! As you can see, bath time is a fun part of the day for Julius and Oscar! 

To learn more about the memory keeping system Project Life, visit 


  1. Zo leuk, bleef er steeds mee in mijn hoofd rondlopen. Nu heb ik ook een donkerblauwe map en verschillende insteekhoezen gekocht. Helaas was de indeling die jij hierboven gebruikt uitverkocht maar dat komt later wel een keer. Kan niet wachten tot het er is en lekker aan de knutsel :-)
    Print jij je foto's zelf?

    1. Wat leuk!! I kan het echt iedereen aanraden! Ik laat de foto's printen bij profotonet of bij een goede fotozaak in de stad. Altijd fijn als ik weer aan de slag kan er mee. Het is zo zonde als al die foto's maar op de computer blijven staan en verder niks. Veel plezier! :)